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The Planes Game: Update 1

In my spare time after work and on the weekends, Stephen and I have been working on a video game. It's personally my first serious programming project, and so it's been a phenomenal learning experience for me.

Current state of the game:

The idea is to create a procedurally-generated, infinite world consisting of 4 planes (an underworld, earth-like world, skyworld, and space station world) for players to explore. The game will be entirely in browser with Facebook authentication for players. Gameplay will primarily consist of clicking! Players can click around to move their character, click on objects to pick them up and put them down, click on houses or portals to enter interiors and new worlds.

We're currently developing the game using Typescript, Node.js on the server-side, and a Neo4j database. We heavily utilize SVG's using the SnapSVG library. We've got a LOT of the basic game mechanics completed:

  • Character movements
  • Picking up & setting down of objects
  • Entering and exiting houses/worlds
  • Persistence of changes you make to the world around you
  • Etc.

We're currently going through our THIRD round of refactoring! When we started on this project, I assumed we'd code from beginning to end. I didn't realize how important refactoring is for cleaning up your code and to make it more understandable and maintainable in the future. Man, coding is hard work...

I'll try to update our Twitter for The Planes over the next few weeks! Follow the game's development here.